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Variable Data Printing

Direct Mail Marketing with Variable Data Printing

Make your pieces relevant to your recipients

Create a personal connection with customers on every piece you send by printing customer-specific data and relevant images on your variable data mailing and printing. You will increase sales or donations by customizing each piece to fit your customer’s profile.

Variable Data Printing is a direct mail option for businesses that want to reach customers through the use of printed materials and also want their ads to be personalized to a specific household. It includes graphics, texts, and images that need to change from one printed piece to the next, based on the client’s needs.  

Customer Benefits

of Variable Data Printing
Personalization drives higher response rates
Tailored messaging
Relationship building with brands
Better Tracking

Personalized Marketing

Adding personalized data to a document is more than just changing a person's name in a subject line. Changing up visuals and messaging can drastically improve response rates.

Data-Driven Content

Tip #1

Use data to target and optimize campaigns, and increase ROI and engagement. 

Personalized Visuals

Tip #2

Test different visual elements within customer documents.

Targeted Messaging

Tip #3

Speak directly to each customer’s specific needs.

Lead Nurturing

Tip #4

It’s not just one and done. Use multiple executions and touch points.