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Sheetfed Color Digital

Sheetfed Color Digital

Sheet-fed printing is a high-quality printing process that either uses individual sheets of paper that are manually fed into the printing machine or a roll of paper that offers a continuous feed and can be cut during the printing process.

Our newest sheetfed color digital press is The imagePRESS C910 series. It is a true color digital press that incorporates advanced technologies that can help print establishments achieve amazing results. This color digital press is engineered to help you meet the high expectations of your demanding clients, hit tight deadlines, and expand your portfolio to include creative and innovative applications—all without having to make a significant investment.

Sheet-fed printing is best used for small and medium-sized print jobs. Business cards, letterhead, stationery, brochures, flyers, and business forms are usually made via sheet-fed printing. Paper can be printed on both sides simultaneously to maximize efficiency.

Customer Benefits

of Sheetfed Color Digital Printing
Automated process
Specialty finishes
Faster printing
High quality
Lower set-up times